Shenyang Aerospace University to Jointly Register and Award Degrees to The DPHU Operating Area Students.

On 4th May 2021, two universities concluded the agreements in the spirit of mutual cooperation, Distant Production House University and Shenyang Aerospace University enter this agreement for the purpose of enhancing the educational and research opportunities and exchange of their students and faculty.

More specifically, this Agreement will promote:

  1. Opportunities for qualified students enrolled at one university to study at the other university, and in such opportunities, student transfers will meet admission standards established by the respective institution;
  1. The development of cooperative endeavors in research and education and the sharing of faculty and research scholars for such purposes;
  1. The identification of commonalities which will nurture the relationship between these two universities;
  1. The exchange of educational and cultural materials of mutual interest to both universities;
  1. The recognition of each other as institutions that can and will provide attractive “study abroad” opportunities for students based upon the similarity of missions and mutual commitment to international understanding through education, research, and service;
  1. Connection to the huge network of the partners of each other
  2. Promote the Distance learning in blended mode and the content in French as the innovation to serve the students from Africa
  3. Promotion of engineering laboratories for practical sessions in the DPHU African Countries Partners where SAU and DPHU can a big number of students

Noting that the SAU friendship ambassador Ingabire Christian was the facilitator of this achievement and he is moving on the related specific projects that SAU and DPHU are jointly developing due to this agreement.




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