On the one hand,

Considering that science in general and scientific research in particular constitute the levers par excellence of the production of elaborate knowledge and the mastery of the universe by man;

Considering that the scientific revolution in Africa precedes its true and sustainable development

Considering that intra-African cooperation must be the pioneer of this scientific revolution

Considering that the current scientific and research world works more in the sense of wider networks and that a solitary researcher is a fragile researcher;

Considering that this revolution is based on the whole of the national and international legislations framing education, science, culture, sustainable development;

Considering then the need to work in networks of national, regional and international researchers;

Considering that the visibility of the results of research is one of the ways to join the academics generating knowledge and the industrial users of knowledge;

Considering the scientific productions of the researchers and academics not exploited, dissertations and theses of the students kept only in archives of the universities;

Considering however the abundance of original themes produced on Cameroon, in the region and on Africa.

On the other hand,

Considering the ministerial reference in Cameroon: Ministerial letter (MINESUP) No. 17-04084 / L / MINESUP / CAB / CT1 / of April 27, 2017 authorizing the DPHU to do the capacity building of universities based in Cameroon by promoting distance education ;

In view of the Convention between the University of Douala and Distant Production House University on the management of the programs of the University of Douala online through a joint platform, the organization of publications, the translation of theses of students of both institutions into projects, the mobility of professors, researchers and students ;

In view of the joint decision between the University of Douala and Distant Production House University to organize “the annual scientific conference”.