Status and Accreditation



The Distant Production House University is an International Institution of Private Higher Education with the following references and authorizations:

DPHU Registration No 3117290-5 in Finland verifiable at Government of Finland website:

DPHU Registration No. 5621694 in the United States verifiable at the Delaware Government Site at the Links:  and

DPHU Accreditation Act by International Accreditation Organization:

Distant Production House University has been granted accreditation status. IAO confers on Distant Production House University accreditation for the issuance of degrees, diplomas and certificates

The Accreditation Act of DPHU by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE) verifiable on the Site by the link: -accreditation/

The Accreditation Act of DPHU by the International Association of Transnational Universities verifiable on the Site by the link: ;

DPHU’s Accreditation Act by IEB International University Accreditation proving DPHU’s commitment to implementing global standards of quality education which can be verified on the Site by the link:

Opening authorization in the DRC N0 MINESU/DESP/165/0733/SG/160/2902/2013 of 08/11/2013

Authorization to do open and distance learning in the DRC No MINESURS/ESU/DEOD/1612/027/2014 of 15/08/2014

The authorization of the Doctoral School in the DRC No276 / MINESU / CAB.MIN / MNB / MKK / 2022 OF May 11, 2022

Authorization No 17-04084 /L / MINESUP/CAB /CT1/ of April 27, 2017 from the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon