This center has legally been set up according to the decision No UNILIS/RECT/005/AB/2021-2022 du 28 Avril 2022 creating  a Research Unit and Supplementary Organs of the  international center for multidisciplinary research  within the University of Lisala.

DPHU through its joint CIREP Center with its international partners have set up an international academy of skills. This academy has become a lever for researchers, professional and vocational training centers and companies.

The academy has 4 main orientations: international conferences, international competitions, online store and Bachelor and Master training in hybrid mode.

Different AICF manifestations took place in DRC /Goma.

4 Cameroonians defend their PhD thesis in Health Sciences in Goma

1st conference on effective communication between vocational training centers and companies held in Goma

Professional training and health professions at the center of an exchange workshop between doctors, traditional practitioners and public health experts