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DPHU Successfully Renewed Accreditation with QAHE, Demonstrating Commitment to Educational Excellence

Distant Production House University (DPHU) has once again proven its commitment to providing the highest level of education to its students by successfully renewing its accreditation with the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE). The accreditation process is a voluntary, non-governmental review of the university’s educational quality, institutional integrity, and public accountability. […]

Distant Production House University and Business University of Costa Rica have signed a Collaboration Agreement.

Leaders from Distant Production House University and Business University of Costa Rica (https://www.universidadempresarial.cr/) announced today that they have signed a collaboration agreement on reciprocal recognition and joint program management. The agreement aims to foster stronger ties between the two institutions, and will allow students to benefit from a wider range of educational opportunities. Under the […]

Analyse des implications du droit pénal sur les TIC au Gabon : Cas de l’Internet

RÉSUMÉ L’usage des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (TIC), particulièrement de l’Internet, s’est mué en question d’importance stratégique pour l’ensemble des pays du globe. En effet, un Internet libre, dynamique, ouvert et sécurisé représente à n’en point douter, un moteur de croissance économique et de développement social à même de faciliter la communication, […]

Job opportunity for DPHU graduates from Bachelor to PhD

Dear all DPHU Graduates,The Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN) serves as a platform wherein active professionals from disciplines such as education, management, medicine, research, public health engineering, nursing, faith-based etc. can interact at various levels of self-initiated conferences, seminars, workshops, exchange programmes and voluntary Diaspora medical missions with mobile clinics.We collaborate with peace-loving organisations […]

Journées scientifiques annuelle entre l’école doctorale DPHU et ENSET de Douala

  L’Ecole doctorale de DPHU a organisé conjointement avec l’ENSET de l’Université de Douala les 30 septembre et 1 Octobre 2022 les Premières Journées thématiques de Recherche & Développement. L’objectif est non seulement de mettre en lumière les travaux de recherche des enseignants chercheurs, des étudiants chercheurs (en formations doctorales) mais également de réunir partenaires […]

Documentation de l’expérience de Distant Production House Université en accompagnement des universités et autres institutions

La Lettre 276/MINESU/CAB.MIN/MNB/MKK/2022 du 11 Mai 2022 de Son Excellence Ministre de l’ESU  autorisant DPHU d’ accompagner les 22 Etablissements de l’ESU  constitue un accuse de reception de l’information sur les partenariats conclus avec les établissements de l’ESU. Le Ministre a répondu à la lettre informative qui est conforme aux dispositions de l’article 197 de l’instruction 023 stipulant « tout partenariat, […]

Shenyang Aerospace University with DPHU to Jointly Register and Award Degrees to Students.

On 4th May 2021, two universities concluded the agreements in the spirit of mutual cooperation, Distant Production House University and Shenyang Aerospace University enter this agreement for the purpose of enhancing the educational and research opportunities and exchange of their students and faculty. More specifically, this Agreement will promote: Opportunities for qualified students enrolled at one […]

DPHU Finland Doctoral school students.

The Doctoral students coordinated by Prof Albert and Dr Sr Yvonne have started their academic programs. Most of them are DRC nationals. Murerangabo Magala Janvier, Matabaro Rubanza Guillaume,Kanyinda Badibanga Jean Pierre, Bintu Tshimanuka Sarah, Fenando Ntana are the pioneers.They are enrolled in…

PhD Thesis presentations at Niamey on 14 December 2020.

The unforgettable day has been at Niamey where 5 PhD Candidates from Burkina Faso and 4 from Cameroun have officially presented their thesis at DPHU Center in Niamey. The presentation lead the participants and pannelists to think again how to scientifically contribute to the society.Dr Benjamin, Dr…