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DPHU is one of the emerging Universities utilizing the hybrid approach to deliver academic programmes. To carry out this, DPHU collaborates with institutions quality facilities and teaching resources. DPHU shares expertise in the delivery of programmes with partners.
Our programmes range from Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Education, Business and Engineering.

Majority of the partner’s reputable public universities in Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Asia, the United States of America and Canada. DPHU mainly supports work-based learning for the students who want to learn conveniently in their work or from home. Hence the name Distance Production House University.

  • The mission of DPHU is to be the engine of the sustainable developement in the World.
  • The vision of DPHU matches with the sloghan: “University without borders for the open society !”

DPHU is a singular and multi-partners academic institution offering a wide range of academic studies. As such, it provides opportunities for students to pursue a variety of programs within different universities at a worldwide level – some that are quite specialized in nature, others that are multi-disciplinary and/or problem-based in focus – and to undertake their studies at different locations across the country, both through classes at designated campuses and through access to distance. learning.Our programmes range from Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Education, Business and Engineering.
• Affordability,
• Transparency,
• Trustworthiness,
• Confidentiality,
• Commitment to professionalism and social accountability,
• Collegiality,
• Integrity,
• Efficiency

Teaching and Learning;
DPHU offers affordable, innovative, relevant, and quality degrees and non-degree programs. In addition, the University provides an enabling environment for integrated continuous learning for students and its staff. With high international visibility and reputation, DPHU has the mission to train students capable of understanding and controlling the multiple interactions between Technology and Mankind, evolving in a global environment, managing innovative projects in both industrial sectors and research settings.
Innovation is the last mission of the University: to transform knowledge and learning “products” by the DPHU, its students, and its personnel in innovations of all kinds: technological, social, organizational, uses … through an intelligent mobilization of actors from a local ecosystem of innovation and creativity linking University, Enterprise and Territory.

Our Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring the effective management of the university and its future development.

The governance of the University is vested in the following:
(a) University Council,
(b) Board of Directors ,
(c) The Management Board

DPHU is a 501(c) (3) Organization or non Profit with the educational purpose: it aims at facilitating and teaching online Bachelor, Master and PhD. It is based in Delaware (USA) and registered within State on the file Nr 5621694. It is verifiable on the Delaware government state website link:

Address ZIP: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958, County of Sussex, Delaware (USA)

Ministerial  Orders:

  • Cameroun
    Ministerial (MINESUP) letter No. 17-04084 /L / MINESUP/CAB /CT1/ of 27th April 2017 authorizing DPHU to do the capacity building of the Cameroun based universities by promoting the Distance learning.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
    Autorisation d’ouverture no MINESURS/DESP/165/0733/SG/160/2902/2013 du 8 Novembre 2013 du Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et Universitaire de la République Démocratique du Congo.
  • Niger
    Ecole Doctorale de DPHU délocalisée à Niamey sous l’autorisation d’ouverture du Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’Innovation du Niger.

Others References

  • DPHU is recognized by international association for quality assurance in higher education (QAHE).
  • DPHU programs are accredited by international association for distance learning (IADL)
  • DPHU is recognized by international association of transnational universities (IATU)
  • DPHU has been fully recognized by board of quality standards (BQS)
  • DPHU is the member of distance education association of southern Africa (DEASA). More info
  • DPHU is member of the private institution under capes zone in 19 countries (RIDEPES-CAMES) : Réseau international des établissements privés de l’enseignement supérieur de l’espace cames » en abrégé ridepes/cames.More info
  • DPHU has officially got the registered branches in Finland.  More info
  • DPHU has officially got the registered branches in Zambia under reference no 220190000056 and series number 1122091 according to act 10 of 2017 section 299 in Zambia office 107,10460 Cairo road, north end Lusaka.

List of professors and lectures working at Distant Production House University (DPHU) for courses, seminars, internships in companies, research, and publication and supervision of theses.

Professors working at Distant Production House University (DPHU), as well as Assistant Masters, are promoted and rise in ranks through scientific publications in the journal set up and instituted by DPHU: Revue “Université sans Frontières pour une Société Ouverte”.

Names Field Academic Grades Country
ADIOGO DIEUDONNE Physiopathology Full Professor Cameroun
BINENWA JEAN BOSCO Conflict Management Full Professor South Africa
Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
YASSA YONIENE PIERRE  Pathological Anatomy
Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
MATWANYI NZAMBA Geography Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
BUSORO THEODORE Financial Management Full Professor Rwanda
BYIRINGIRO JEAN BOSCO Nanofabrication Full Professor Kenya
CHEIKH SARR Networks And Telecommunications Full Professor Burkina Faso
CHERUYOT WILSON Reseaux et Telecom Full Professor Kenya
DALI CHRISTOPHER MALIZO Economy Full Professor South Africa
GAKURU SEMACUMU Environment Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
HAMIDOU TOURE Mathematics and Quantitative Methods Full Professor Burkina Faso
IDAHOSA CHARLES Business Law Full Professor Dominica
KAH PAUL Metallurgy Full Professor Suede
KALONGA ALBERT Sociology Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
KAMGA HENRI LUCIEN Biomedical Sciences Full Professor Cameroun
KITAMBALA MARCELLIN Management Full Professor Kenya
KOTCHOFA GABRIEL ANICET Mines and Petroleum Full Professor Russie
MUDEKE BIN NTERANYA Civil Engineering Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
MUKAMBA BLAISE Marketing Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
NAOBAN GENEVIEVE ENT Full Professor Cameroun
NDJAKOMONO ESSIANE Electrical Engineering Full Professor Cameroun
NIZEYIMANA JEAN BAPTISTE ICT Applied to Management Full Professor Rwanda
NZEYIMANA ISAIE Development, Education And Philosophy Full Professor Rwanda
PAVEL LAYUS Mechanical Engineering Full Professor Finland
WAMBUA PAUL Mechanical Engineering Full Professor Kenya
DINYENDJE LONGELO JEAN sociology and anthropology Full Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
YADUFASHIJE CALLIXTE Biomedical Sciences Associate Professor Malawi
HÉRITIER NGUMBU MWILA  Political Science / Diplomacy
 Public Law
Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
Gabriel SADIKI LUMANDE Administration Sciences Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo

-Human Resources Management
– Management And Leadership

Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo
DR HENRIETTE LOKOTO OKELE Information and communication sciences Professor Democratic Republic Of Congo


Master Assistants and Associate Teachers

Names Field Country
ABDOU LINJOUOM Public Health Cameroun
ALIKARI BARIRA Management Niger
BAHATI KUDERHWA PETRO Sociology Democratic Republic Of Congo
BAHATI MITIMA EMMANUEL Computer Science Democratic Republic Of Congo
BAHIZIRE CHENTWALI ROBERT Economy Democratic Republic Of Congo
BAHOGWERHE MUDUNGA LUCIEN Economy Democratic Republic Of Congo
BISUSA MAHINDU GUSTAVE Environment Management Democratic Republic Of Congo
CAMUNDA NTAMWENGE YVONNE Education Democratic Republic Of Congo
DIASIVI MFULAMA J.BERCHMANS Micro-Enterprise Management Democratic Republic Of Congo
DINTOUMDA THEOPHILE Computer And Multimedia Democratic Republic Of Congo
ENOKA PATRICE Public Health Cameroun
EODO SYMPHORIEN Public Health Cameroun
HABINAMWISHO LUSHEKE Business Management Democratic Republic Of Congo
ILBOUDO HAN MADOU Islamic Finance Burkina Faso
IRARERA KIJANJA ROBERT English Literature Democratic Republic Of Congo
KABASELE DYCKOBA Economy Burkina Faso
KALONGA ALBERT Sociology Democratic Republic Of Congo
KASIGWA NSHOMBO FIDELE Human Resource Management Democratic Republic Of Congo
KATUMBA MUYOMBO JOSE Business Management Democratic Republic Of Congo
MAHI MUSHAGALUSA PRIMATUS Law Democratic Republic Of Congo
MAKWANI JEAN PIERE EKA Public Finance Democratic Republic Of Congo
MAOMBI MUSHI FABIEN Economy Democratic Republic Of Congo
MAWABO LUGARDE Biomedical Sciences Cameroun
MODI ADAMOU Management Niger
MUDEKE BIN NTERANYA CHARLES Civil Engineering Democratic Republic Of Congo
MUGISHO KATENGULA CHRISTIAN Political Sciences Democratic Republic Of Congo
MUNYERENKANA NTAKOBANJIRA MARIE JEANNE Environment Management Democratic Republic Of Congo
NDO BENJAMIN Communication Marketing Burkina Faso
NEGURA BARIYANGA FELIX Environment Democratic Republic Of Congo
NGUOMOJA ILDEPHONSE Public Health Democratic Republic Of Congo
NIAMBA YVES Business Law Burkina Faso
NIYONSENGA MBIZI ELIEL Psychology Democratic Republic Of Congo
NKURIKIYE RUVUNA ELOI Management Democratic Republic Of Congo
NYAMULINDA MATETA MATI Economy Democratic Republic Of Congo
NZIBONERA BAYONGWA DESIRE Environment Democratic Republic Of Congo
OUEDRAOGO DRAMANI Development Economy Burkina Faso
SADIKI LUMANDE GABRIEL Public Finances Democratic Republic Of Congo
SANFO PAULIN Political Sciences Burkina Faso
SAWADOGO OUSSOUMANA Peace Education Burkina Faso
SIRAJI CHAIABOU Management Niger
SIRIMA MADJYOGO HERVE Industrial Automation Burkina Faso
TCHOFFO DESIRE Public Health Cameroun
TEGHONONG JEAN Public Health Cameroun


Infectious Diseases Cameroun
YANOGO K. JEAN HERMANN Computer Science Burkina Faso
ZONGO JEAN Accounting, Control And Audit Burkina Faso
ZONGO JEAN MARIE Project Management Burkina Faso

• Université Catholique Don Peti Peti à Kinshasa
• ISTM Don Peti Peti
• ISTM Ankoro
• ISTM Reverand Bokundoa
• ISIG-Lukula
• Universite Simon Kibangu de Bukavu
• Institut Supérieur Pédagogique de Mukedi
• ISDR Kongolo

Our Centers

DPHU is an American-based University working through coaching and facilitation centers. Within these centers, DPHU mainly supports work-based learning for the students who want to learn conveniently in their work or from home. They come to get access to facilities like the internet network and virtual libraries. In addition, they can attend video conferences or web conference classes.
Lusaka London

Libreville Kampala


Our Courses

We invite you to experience high-quality education  at our beautiful center in Finland. You will have an opportunity to learn and think about the relationship between economy, technology, and culture while also increasing your intercultural competence.

  • Bachelor of  Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of  Theology
  • Bachelor of  Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor of Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education
  • Bachelor of Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Automotive and Power Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Building Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering and Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Engineering
  • Bachelor of Information Technology and Computing
  • Bachelor of Management Science
  • Bachelor of Statistic and applied Science in Economics
  • Bachelor of Public health
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science


Numbers Programmes Duration
1 Master of Arts in History – Geography 2 years
2 Master of Arts in Religious Studies 2 years
3 Master of Science in ICT (MSc.ICT 2 years
4 Master of Arts in Literature 2 years
5 Master of Education in Education  Administration & Management 2 years
6 Master of Science in Sociology 2 years
7 Master of Engineering in  Information Technology and Computing 2 years
8 Master of Engineering in Automotive and Power Engineering 2 years
9 Master of Business Administration 2 years
10 Master of Science in valuation and property Management 2 years
11 Master of   Management Science 2 years
12 Master of Education in Policy Planning & Management 2 years
13 Master of Business Administration & Management 2 years
14 Master of Human Resource Management 2 years
15 Master of Environmental Management 2 years
16 Master of Development Studies 2 years
17 Master of Arts in Educational Management 2 years
18 Master of  Transport and Logistics Management (MTLM) 2 years
19 Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering 2 years
20 Master  of Engineering in  Electrical Engineering 2 years
21 Master of Engineering in Civil  Engineering 2 years
22 Master of Science in Nutrition 2 years
23 Master of Engineering in 2 years
24 Master of Engineering in 2 years
25 Master of Engineering in 2 years
26 Master of Engineering in 2 years
27 Master of Science Environment Engineering & Management 2 years
28 Master in  Accounting, control  and auditing 2 years
29 Master in Project Management 2 years
30 Master in  Marketing 2 years
31 Master in communication 2 years
32 Master in Banking and  finance 2 years
33 Master in logistics and Transportation 2 years
34 Master in networking and multimedia 2 year
35 Master in manufacturing engineering 2 years
36 Master’s in environmental management 2 years
37 Master in mining engineering 2 years
38 Master’s in Biomedical engineering 2 years
39 Master’s in Public health 2 years
40 Master of Engineering in Automotive and Power Engineering 2 years
41 Master’s in Social work and community development 2 years
42 Master’s in economics 2 years
43 Master’s in law 2 years
44 Master’s in peace building and conflict resolution 2 years

The doctorate is a professional research experience sanctioned after the defense of a thesis by the degree of doctor. Most of the doctoral activity consists of innovative research work supervised by a Promoter and / or thesis director within a research unit attached to a Doctoral School. It ends with the writing of a thesis which constitutes the validation of a scientific work that has enabled the construction and acquisition of knowledge. This professional experience is valuable both in the public service of higher education and research and in the whole socio-economic fabric.

In addition to conducting supervised research, postdoctoral training will involve auditing advanced coursework in the School and active participation in DPHU.

The program aims at increase ability to disseminate their research and secure funding for their research by working with experienced faculty investigators.

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Our Admission Process

Bachelor’s degree takes 3 academic years to complete, while a Master’s degree takes 2 academic years to complete, and Ph.D. programs take at least 3 years to complete.

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DPHU shares facilities and teaching resources for you . We plan traverse the globe for you: social media, campaigns, and mobile accessible content.


DPHU sets the stage for schools through customizable online inquiry forms, real-time response targeted search tools, social media engagement and much more.


DPHU funnels students to your profile and website, leads are sent in real-time, and you receive monthly analytics. We also give good old-fashioned personal recommendations to students.

Research work at DPHU

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Our Partner Universities

Check out the full list of our partners below

1. Abomey Calavi University, http://www.uac.bj Benin
2. Poma University http://www.pomauniversity.ng/ Benin
3. Nazi Boni University, https://www.univ-bobo.bf Burkina Faso
4. IST Burkina Faso, http://www.istburkina.com Burkina Faso
5. California University FCE, https://www.cufce.org California
6. Institut Universitaire et Strategique de l’Estuaire, http://iues-univ.com Cameroun
7. University of Douala in Cameroun, https://www.univ-douala.cm Cameroun
8. Université Agricole de Management des Métiers de la Production, http://www.uammp.org Cameroun
9. CIESA CANADA, http://www.ciesa.ca Canada
10. Ballsbridge University, http://www.acedu.org Dominican Republic
11. Lappenranta University of Technology, www.lut.fi Finland
12. IHEE Gabon, https://www.ihee-gabon.com Gabon
13. African University of Management, https://aumgroupga.com Gabon
14. Sup’Management in Gabon, Gabon
15. Annamalai University, http://annamalaiuniversity.ac.in India
16. Mahatma Gandhi University, www.mgu.edu.in India
17. RVVEDU, http://www.rvvedu.org India
18. Félix Houphouët-Boigny University, http://univ-fhb.edu.ci Ivory Cost
19. Moi University, www.mu.ac.ke   Kenya
20. The Eastern African University KITENGELA, http://www.teau.ac.ke Kenya
21. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, https://www.jkuat.ac.ke Kenya
22. Central Christian University, http://ccuonline.mw Malawi
23. Ecole des Techniques Economiques Comptables, http://etecniger.com NIGER
24. African Institute of Technology in Niger, www.iatniger.org Niger
25. IFAC Niger, www.ifacniger.org Niger
26. Poma University College of Sciences and Technologies http://www.pomacst.org/ Nigeria
27. Belgorod state technological university (BSTU named after V. G. Shukhov , https://belgstu.com/index.php/2014-12-08-08-54-42# Russia
28. East African University of Rwanda, http://www.eaur.ac.rw Rwanda
29. Integrated Polytechnic Regional College of Karongi(IPRC Karongi), http://www.iprckarongi.rp.ac.rw Rwanda
30. Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) http://www.engineersrwanda.rw Rwanda
31. Kigali Integrated College, http://kic.ac.rw Rwanda
32. ETHOS Doctoral School of Cheick Anta Diop University, http://ethos.ucad.sn Senegal
33. DEASA, http://www.deasa.org.za South Africa
34. African Prime Institute of Science and Technology, http://www.apistuniversity.com Swaziland
35. Open University of Tanzania, http://www.out.ac.tz Tanzania
36. Lira University, www.lirauni.ac.ug Uganda
37. Kyambogo University, https://kelms.kyu.ac.ug/course/index.php?categoryid=63 Uganda
38. Kampala University, http://www.ku.ac.ug Uganda
39. London College of Professional Studies, https://www.lcps.org.uk UK
40. London School for Modern Studies, www.lsmsedu.com UK
41. American University for Leaders, http://aul.edu UK
42. Shenyang Aerospace University https://en.sau.edu.cn/ China

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16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958, United States

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