Since August 2022, DPHU signed the cooperation agreement with the interdisciplinary center for development and permanent education (C.I.D.E.P.). The C.I.D.E.P. is a specialized service of the Ministry of Higher Education in DRC for continuing education whose role is to serve as a hinge between the university and society by organizing training seminars and retraining sessions. It is governed by a presidential ordinance.

This cooperation aims at organizing the professional programs in DRC from Bachelor to the doctorate.

A professional course is the one that helps you in gaining skills, knowledge, and work abilities, thus making you work prepared after finishing the course. In the examination, the objective of a degree course is to give you a solid academic establishing in a specific subject, not really making you ‘work prepared’.

Benefits of the Professional Courses:

There are several reasons that have prompted the popularity and demand of a professional degree, the most significant of which is that it sets you up legitimately for the job market. Prevalent degree courses are B.Tech, MBBS, BDS, and B.Arch. Other off-beat courses such as culinary arts, animation, journalism, fashion designing, etc. fall under the list of professional courses. The benefits of professional courses are:

Helps In Practical Training:

Professional courses typically include a reliable measure of practical instruction, industry training, and internships, and are generally highly detailed in one particular area, instead of an ambiguous comprehension of a specific subject. Accordingly, you would have a lot of information and abilities which one needs to learn in order to start working in the field.

Better Career Opportunities:

Since jobs in private sectors are increasing in recent years, chances for the student of professional courses to gain employment have also increased. Companies in every sector are increased due to the increase in globalization and MNC culture. Thus the job opportunities are ample and pretty decent in the private sector. Thus, the professional degree graduates will have a lot of job opportunities which can both pay them well and in which they will be following their passion.