Job opportunity for DPHU graduates from Bachelor to PhD

Dear all DPHU Graduates,
The Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN) serves as a platform wherein active professionals from disciplines such as education, management, medicine, research, public health engineering, nursing, faith-based etc. can interact at various levels of self-initiated conferences, seminars, workshops, exchange programmes and voluntary Diaspora medical missions with mobile clinics.
We collaborate with peace-loving organisations in diverse projects geared towards betterment of resource limiited people and enhancing their capacity building.
Among the services that AEMRN provides are: technical assistance and capacity building, research, designing onsite and virtual learning platforms, designing learning content, ProVector mosquito control community project; mobile clinics, placement opportunities at UN through ECOSOC and WHO Community of Practice
forum etc..
To effectively and sustainably provide these services and reach our organization targets in more than 100 countries we are affording our services in all the continents, we need more qualified staff to fulfill the tasks using digital and other systems.

Thus including the graduates from Distant Production House University based in DRC for French Countries and those based in Rwanda ( for serving our customers at worldwide level, other graduates on the DPHU Graduates list will progressively follow.

Those interested should submit their CV and the last degree awarded by DPHU to and they will be schedule for the one-month induction at some of our designated facilities.

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