DPHU as an engine of sustainable development was founded in February 2012, 8:25am in Territoire d’Uvira Quartier Kilibula, Avenue Kyonga No 64. It was registered under the DRC Ministry of justice (no F92-42742) then authorized to open by the ministry of higher education in DRC
(no MINESU/DESP/165/0733/SG/160/2902/2013).

According to its text of creation DPHU can open different centers aboard to fulfill its missions of teaching and facilitating an online open and distance learning education in Bachelor, Masters and PHD.

The act of the ministry of higher education of DRC no MINESU/ESU/DEOD/1612/0217/2022 authenticates that DPHU has opened different centers in the European Union (Finland), Africa (Zambia, Niger, Burkina Faso, Uganda) and United States (Delaware).  Beyond centers DPHU have developed partnership many countries including Cameroon, Burundi, Gabon, Ivory Cost, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Dominica Republic, Cyprus, UK, Russia, China, …

In addition DPHU is the master in organizing innovative projects tailored towards short courses and CPD with United Nations Economic Social Council (UN-ECOSOC) and AERMRN:

  1. Research methodology with focus on Implementation Research (IR) for scaling up existing programs/projects
  2. Use of drones to improve research output and projects
  3. Updates on the use of electrosurgical blade, plasma-blades and 3d surgical blades
  4. To review innovative on going undergraduate and postgraduates research projects/dissertations/thesis translating them into research articles and multimedia contents (audiovisual).
  5. To translate innovative research output and property-right into entrepreneurship
  6. To develop collaboration with other global research institutions and international recruitment agencies.


Prof. Gabriel Anicet Kotchofa
President of the university council