College of Law(CLAW)

The College of Law(CLAW) is a private law school located in Delaware, CA close to Orange County’s legal, technology, finance, and business centers. The College of Law(CLAW) students and graduates have access to opportunities at nearby courts, private firms, public agencies, and businesses throughout the blended mode,semi-presential and ODL.

The College of Law(CLAW) at DPHU provides excellence in legal education by preparing students with dynamic skills and specialized knowledge required to create future lawyers and leaders by combining theoretical, doctrinal and experimental learning. The College of Law at DPHU offers comparative legal education of International Law, USA Law and around world Law in English and others languages, enabling its graduates to work uniquely in both the national and international markets. The specialized system at the College of Law at DPHU effectively prepares its graduates for a world of opportunities, both inside and outside the legal sector by combining practical experience, international scholarship, and a high standard of instruction enabling its students to achieve the mission of the College and of the University as a whole.