College of Education(CED)

The college provides online world class,blended mode ,semi-presential classes infrastructure with latest technologies, smart classes and highly qualified and professional teaching staff recommended by Distant production House University (DPHU)

Cultural and Educational Development College of Education is an institute with lay and illustrious history. Its eventful journey began in 2014 as CED.
The institute prepares students to meet ever increasing educational and social challenges with its tradition of disciplines hand work all round personality development and innovative approach to problems. From its very inception, CED College of Education has been striving to develop itself into an institution of excellence in education, in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of USA and around the world. In meeting this challenge the institute has been making special efforts to recruit challenged faculty on a worldwide basis and to admit students from all over the country through a careful selection process. Continuous efforts have been made to provide the faculty with well equipped facilities to enable them to participate in national endeavours in education in a major way. In a very short , the institute has attained recognition as a major centre of learning in education. The combined record of its past and present faculty and students along with the alumni spread across the country is awe inspiring with path breaking. Innovation in its circular and teaching, the institute is rapidly gaining a legendary reputation.

CED has been doing its best in offering courses that prepare young people for a future career in teaching. As the saying goes, teaching is a noble profession. It can also be considered as the mother of all professions since nobody could attain an academic degree without the presence of a teacher. Thus, CED contributes much to the training of more professionals in the country through holistic teacher education programs.
We call upon you to come here join us to explore and extend your knowledge to build the world.