Pay DPHU Fees with Paypal

Useful Instructions: 

  1. Enter the reasons for the payment 
  2. Enter the equivalent total amount in $ (USD) 
  3. Enter your student number or Full names
  4. Click on pay with Paypal to use your paypal account.
  5. Or with your Debit or Credit card(Bank card)

If you choose to pay with your Bank card. 

  1. Enter card number/expiration month & year/ and its CSC numbers which can be located on the back of the card
  2. At “Rate for this currency conversion”.
    Select your bank account default Currency.
    Please do not select USD if your bank account is not in USD currency.    
  3. Select your country from the right 
  4. Enter the billing information 
  5. Click on Pay Now to Finish
    (After completion you will receive a confirmation email from with a receipt )

For any question or inquiry please contact us at or 

Fill the form below and Pay Now: